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Child Prisoners

Campaign : Child Prisoners


According to the report received by KCG, over 15,000 juveniles have been imprisoned between Feb 2015 to 2017 alone.  Most of them still lingering in prisons without any fair trial.

Kashmir Campaign demands the release of all innocent civilians especially the children, and ensure they are returned safely to their home.

We appeal to the United Nations and the world community to ensure that the child prisoners are safely returned home.

  • Access to child prisoners must be unrestricted while they are held in custody.  #Freedom
  • A fair trial must be provided swiftly without any hindrance. #Justice
  • Children must be allowed to enjoy their childhood and not be used as pawns of occupation #Peace

We need you to speak to your local political representatives and ask them to highlight the issue of child prisoners.  Speak to international organisations such as Amnesty International, Red Cross, UNICEF and others and ensure they have raised this issue.






Amnesty International
[wp_colorbox_media url="" title="Website | British Institute of Human Rights" type="iframe" hyperlink="British Institute of Human Rights"]
[wp_colorbox_media url="" type="iframe" title="Website - Human Rights Watch" hyperlink="Human Rights Watch"]
NSPCC | The UK children's charity
Unicef UK - Children's charity
Stop the War Coalition (UK Presence)

Political Establishments

British Parliament
House Of Lord
House Of Commons
European Parliament
United Nations
White House

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