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Boycott India

Campaign : Boycott India

Please support Kashmir by boycotting Indian companies/ businesses who are supporting occupation and persecution of Kashmiri people by facist Hindutva ruling party - BJP/ RSS...

India has placed over 900,000 armed forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir.  That is equivalent to having 1 fully armed force for every 9 Kashmiri civilian.  A defenceless civilian with no means to protect themselves from the armed forces back by draconian laws such as AFSPA, which provides impunity to these forces to commit any human rights violation including killing.

Currently India spends over $ 63 billion dollars on its defence, most of which is spend on armed forces in Occupied Kashmir.

Lets stand together against this inhuman treatment of peace loving people Kashmir, lets support them by boycotting Indian goods that pay for Indian Armed forces

KCG has put together list of companies that produce/manufacture/import indian goods.  Let us take a stand and boycott Indian goods.

What can we do

  • Firstly don't buy indian goods. Boycott Indian movies/Songs/TV Channels
  • Contact your local stores, restaurants, cafe's, supermarkets and get them on board
  • Write to you council demanding that they do not use any Indian Products
  • Write to your government and demand they enforce fairtrade and ensure human rights violations are stopped before signing any trade agreement with India
  • Contact fairtrade and explain that goods brought from Kashmir are brought at very cheap price and sold at extortions, the Kashmir people producing these goods are treated unfairly under the occupation.
  • If you buy anything, check its label to ensure its not made in India, if it is return it back and make sure you state the reason because it is made in India, that is why you are returning it back.


Brands Known to be producing / Selling Indian Goods

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