Campaign For Freedom, Justice, and Peace.

Implement UN Resolution

Campaign : Implement UN Resolution

We demand implementation of all UN resolutions in Kashmir and referendum be held on Kashmir in accordance with the United Nations Security Council's Resolution...

It has been over 70 years since the occupation began.  After the independence of India and Pakistan, Kashmir was forcefully occupied by India and the issue was taken to United Nations for resolution. As a result, India, Pakistan and the international community promised a free, and fair plebiscite to the people of Kashmir to choose their destiny.

Till date over 18 resolutions have been passed in United Nations promising basic right of self-determination which have never been fulfilled, as result, people of Kashmir continue to suffer under Indian occupation.

KCG supports the right of people of Kashmir to live with Freedom, and Justice in Peace.  We ask for

  • International community to hold plebiscite in Kashmir as promised.
  • Enforce the UN resolutions on India and Pakistan
  • Let the people of Kashmir decide their future and bring peace.




#Freedom #Justice #Peace
#LetKashmirDecide #ImplementUNresolutions
#KashmirBleeds #ParadiseBurining #StopHyporcacy



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